Optimized and Secure Remote Access

Enterprises are seeing a growing need for employees to work remotely. In particular, during times of crisis the ability to work securely and productively from home is a critical pillar of business continuity planning.

Avari SDP enables remote users, through a client or clientless browser access, to access all business applications, via secure and optimized connection. The Avari Cloud, a global cloud-native service, can scale to accommodate any number of users without deploying dedicated VPN infrastructure. The users connect to the nearest Avari PoP, and their traffic is optimally routed across the Avari global private backbone to on-premises or cloud applications. Avari’s Security as a Service stack protects remote users against threats and enforces application access control.

Easy deployment, instant secure access

Avari integrates with Active Directory as the center of Identity and Access Management. Quickly setting up directory synchronization and selecting desired user groups, or all groups, automatically enables these users for remote access. Applications access control policies are configured via the Avari management application.


Multi-factor Authentication & Single-Sign-On

Avari is integrated with identity providers to provide strong authentication and a single-sign-on (SSO) experience. Setting up existing authentication services, like Office365 or AzureAD, as the remote access SSO will make your users securely authenticate through interfaces they are already familiar with. And, Enabling multi-factor authentication at your identity provider will automatically enforce it to your remote access user’s authentication, further strengthening your remote access security.