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S-CEHL Certification

Ethical Hacking


S-CEHL is a complete program, tailored to become a Certified Ethical Hacking Expert


The next step after courses like EC-Council CEH, SANS GPEN


The main focus of S-CEHL is aimed at gaining practical ethical hacking skills. It provides in-depth insight in current practices and tools and shows how to find new vulnerabilities and how to create your own additions to the most-used tools.  Where appropriate it also play attention to proper procedure and legal aspects.


This course is under development. The course will be available as a next step to CEH and S-EHP certifications in 2017. During the course you will learn ethical hacking at a very high level.


Target audience

This course is aimed at those who are currently working as an ethical hacker and want to make the next step in their career. 


Required knowledge

An in depth knowledge of ethical hacking is required. We recommend The Ethical Hacking Practitioner course or equivalent (EC-council CEH®) prior to this course program.


Certification Progam

This course program is the third level in the Certified Ethical Hacking Leader certification program. When you have completed the Ethical Hacking Expert exam you can get the S-EHE title and you can apply for the Certified Ethical Hacking Leader title. This is the highest title in the field of ethical hacking.

Study load

Contact hours: 10 to 15 day course, more information follows

  • 10 to 15 day expert course

  • Course available as classroom training

  • SECO-Institute certification S-EHE

  • Level: Senior

  • Ethical Hacking Practitioner certification or equivalent (EC-Council CEH) is recommended

  • The third career step in the S-CEHL certification program

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