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S-CDPO Certification



This course program is the second step in the Certified Privacy & Data Protection Officer program. Completing this course will give you a good overview of your responsibilities surrounding data protection according to the GDPR.


You may be able to act as an advisor for the various management levels within your organization and for others outside your organization.

The Data protection track is grafted on to the European legislation and regulations.


Target audience

This course is aimed at those who are currently engaged in, or will become involved in data protection such as:

  • Privacy officers

  • Data protection officer

  • Security consultants / officers


Required knowledge

Basic knowledge of data protection is required. We recommend the Privacy & Data Protection Foundation course or equivalent prior to this course program.


Certification program 

This course program is part of the Certified Privacy & Data Protection Officer program. When you have completed the Privacy & Data Protection Practitioner exam you can get the S-DPP title and you have the required knowledge to continue with the Privacy & Data Protection Expert course program.


 The Privacy & Data Protection Expert course program is curently under development and will be offered in the near future. 

Contact hours: 24 hours

Self study: 12 hours spread over the entire course

  • 4 day course

  • Course available as classroom or live virtual training

  • Security Academy examination

  • SECO-Institute certification S-DPP

  • Level: Medior

  • Privacy & Data Protection Foundation certification or equivalent is recommended

  • The second career step in the S-CDPO certification program

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