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S-CCMO Certification

520 (excl VAT)

Crisis Management

S-CCMO is a complete program, tailored to become a Certified Crisis Management Officer


With this certification course your skills in Crisis Management will be internationally recognised and you will be capable of implementing and anchoring a crisis management process to bring about increased confidence and value in the organisation. 

There are a number of providers of crisis management trainings at the moment. These courses often focus on one aspect, such as emergency or crisis simulation.


This course program has a perfect mix of issues that you amasses sufficient knowledge to give form to the crisis management process, shape the crisis plan within your organisation and communicate with both the press and the internal organization. 


Target audience

The Crisis Management Expert course program is intended for students who engage in the coordination and control of crisis management at the tactical and strategic level in their organization such as:

  • crisis managers

  • business continuity officers

  • security officers

  • facility managers


Required knowledge

A basic knowledge of business continuity management is required. We recommend The Crisis Management Practitioner course program or equivalent in prior to this course program.


Certification Program

This course program is the third level of the Certified Crisis Management Officer certification program.


When you have completed the Crisis Management Expert exam you can get the S-CME title and you can apply for the Certified Crisis Management Officer title. This is the highest title in the field of Crisis Management.


Study load

Contact hours: 90 hours 
Self study: 45 hours spre
ad over the entire course

  • 15 day expert course

  • Course available as classroom training

  • Security Academy examination

  • SECO-Institute certification S-CME

  • Level: Senior

  • Crisis Management Practitioner certification or equivalent is recommended

  • The third career step in the S-CCMO certification programam

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