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Avari offer the full suite of Citrix virtualisation soluitions as we feel that Citrix is the most easy to integrate with our other industry leading technologies. By doing so this enhances user adoption at the same time as increasing security levels. 

XenServer in particular is a comprehensive server virtualization platform with enterprise-class features built in to easily handle different workload types, mixed operating systems and storage or networking configurations.


For the most demanding app, and desktop virtualization use cases, its industry-leading scalability and performance under load, can cater to the largest XenApp or XenDesktop deployments.


IT gets the benefit of features unique to XenServer, such as enhanced virtualized graphics with NVIDIA and Intel, and enhanced workload security with Direct Inspect APIs, all of which reduce virtual infrastructure costs and complexity.


XenApp and XenDesktop license holders are able to apply those product licenses directly to XenServer infrastructure via the license server; no separate or specific XenServer license is required.

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