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Avari Identity Professional Services - Installation

Avari Identity understand that IMAC operations need to be undertaken carefully and therefore uses an ITIL based process to ensure there is no impact on core business activity. Our services scale from simple PC or printer installation through to the relocation of an the entire data centre. Our services are all supported with project planning services and delivered in a way so as to lower the associated risk.​

IMAC Services

Recent examples of where our IMAC services have been used are:

  • Deployment of 8000 PC’s to desk as part of a hardware refresh program

  • Datacentre Move, relocation of servers, SAN’s, switches and cables from a data centre in Wales to a data centre in Cambridge

  • IT office Move for Market research company in London

  • IT Office Move for the London Marathon organisation, annually

  • Transitioning companies from on premise to Cloud based services (Office 365)

  • Deployment of 1200 replacement monitors over a single weekend

  • Multi Supplier management for corporate rollout of Audio / Visual Rooms and equipment

  • Transitioning HM Government department from on premise Citrix service to DC hosted service

  • Complete IT supply, deployment and support services for US and German financial services companies opening UK offices

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