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What is Identity?


The most formidable human force is identity, with it wars are waged won or lost, art, commerce romance and exploration all stem from our identities. As with anything touched by civilisation the only constant is change, and this rule applies more so now than ever to identity. With our true potentials expanding and morphing we are simultaneously becoming more human and yet somehow different. 

Our understanding of identity is also on a journey of discovery, 40,000 years ago the first self-portrait was etched into stone, five hundred years ago Copernicus mathematically proved that we are not the centre of the universe and today industry and innovation has brought about a further milestone within the identity of the digital age. Whether you are an individual, business, organisation, Country or Global Entity the unique formula you bring can be found within your identity and how we associate ourselves with this will enhance, bolster and unleash our individual true potential. 

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