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Fusing IDAM with data governance, visibility and management to bring complete visibility, compliance, and security whilst increasing security, productivity and business growth.  

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 Authenticate users across all of your applications with your own custom, secure, and standards-based unified login..

The most formidable human force is identity, with it wars are waged won or lost, art, commerce romance and exploration all stem from our identities.


As with anything touched by civilisation the only constant is change, and this rule applies more so now than ever to identity. With our true potentials expanding and morphing we are simultaneously becoming more human and yet somehow different. 

Multi-Factor Authentication

Over 50% of users admit to reusing the same password for multiple services, so even if your authentication system follows all the best practices, a compromised account elsewhere can lead to unauthorized access in your system.

With multifactor authentication, even if the user's password is compromised- the bad guys can't get in.

Our NGFW inspects both WAN and Internet traffic. It can enforce granular rules based on network entities, time restrictions, and type of traffic.


The Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine classifies the relevant context, such as application or services, as early as the first packet and without having to decrypt the payload.


Providing a full list of signatures and parsers to identify common applications. In addition, custom application definitions identify account-specific applications by port, IP address or domain.




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SSO Like You've
Never Had Before

Access Anything

Avari provides easy login to any enterprise environment through an intuitive interface. This unique SSO solution lets your users have everything they need to stay security compliant and safe, whatever they’re doing and wherever they are.

Users use our SSO to connect to anything – including applications, networks, Active Directory, legacy systems, and even IoT environments

Secure Remote Access

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Data Centre Integration

Working on a Computer

Security as a Service

Game Adjustments

Global Private Backbone



“Avari Identity have a depth of understanding around user experience, and identity that has helped to take our online presence to new levels.”

Gordon Briggs - Senior Analyst MOD

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