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Scrutinization of the solution is done in its entirety. Avari fuse all all previous stages of the proces to thoroughly scrutinize the final result, this is done by via discovery of the following questions:

1. Is the solution ready to stand alone and be adopted widely 

2. Is the customer ready to gain the full beenfit of the solution 

3. Has the solution addressed all areas of projected focus 

4. What ongoing challenges may face this solution and how can they be addressed?

5. What alternatives to this solution are available and may be considered?

Once we gain answers to these questions in partnership with our customers we are then prepared to go live and let the solution perform to expectations. Sign off is achieved at this point by a joint understanding between avari Solutions and the customer of these questions. B y adhering all customer transitions to this process avari solution enjoy a 98% customer retention rate and are considered twidely o strive for perfection on every solution deployed.

Analyzing the data
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