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Engagement is the process of helping new solutions become fully adopted by Avari customers. During engagement, new solutions evolve from ideals to tools of every day life. The process of engaging new solutions is important because it helps create connections with the technology which can result in higher productivity, satisfaction, and user adoption. The first six months of a new solution are critical, because employees are forming impressions that will have a lasting impact on whether they stay with the technology. New customers want to confirm they made the right decision with the technology, but often experience anxiety and discomfort when they find things are different than expected.


To address new concerns, we take steps to help them learn about the technology across all areas of the business, we fully train and implement all solutions comprehensively to ensure user adoption gleaming the very best return on investment possible.This is done across four disciplines 

  • Orientation

  • Conversations with Employees 

  • Coaching/Mentoring/Tutoring

  • New Leader Integration and train the trainer


The engagement process begins when initial contact is made between the proposed solution  and the customer.  Going through so many variable  is challenging because new customers lack the context of, and history with, the solution. It is important for new customers to be aware of this so that they don’t feel overwhelmed and frustrated. And by approaching this via the avari proven process we ensure there is no frustration, lack of understanding or buyers remorse following the engagement stage of the process. 

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