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S-CBCO Certification


Business Continuity


S-CBCO is a complete program, tailored to become a Certified Business Continuity Officer


The next step after BCI’s CBCI, ISO22301 Lead auditor or implementer. There are 8.000+ CBCIs in the world who can now take a next  step in their career path

This Post graduate certification gives Business Continuity Managers the knowledge and skills needed to develop, implement, anchor and manage the business continuity process in the organisation. Also it teaches you to act as a lynch-pin between the business and operations departments.

This course offers a perfect balance between theory and practice, where practical examples are illuminated with case studies.


Target audience

This course is aimed at those who are currently engaged in, or who expect to be engaged in, the coordination and management of Business Continuity Planning at tactical or strategic levels in their organisation. Such as: 

  • Consultants business continuity

  • Business continuity officers who act at the strategic level in the organisation

  • People who have their CBCI, MBCI certification and want to make the next step in their career


Required knowledge

A basic knowledge of business continuity management is required. We recommend The Business Continuity Practitioner course or equivalent (CBCI) in prior to this course program.


Certification Program

This course program is the third level of the Certified Business Continuity Officer certification program. When you have completed the Business Continuity Expert exam you can get the S-BCME title and you can apply for the Certified Business Continuity Officer title. This is the highest title in the field of Business Continuity. 


Study Load

Contact hours: 90 hours
Self study: 45 hours

  • 15 day expert course

  • Course available as classroom training

  • Security Academy examination

  • SECO-Institute certification S-BCME

  • Level: Senior

  • Business Continuity Practitioner certification or equivalent (CBCI) is recommended

  • The third career step in the S-CBCO certification program

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