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  • Data Governance

  • Application Analytics

  • Automated Root-cause analysis

  • Transaction Problem Detection

  • Business Transaction Monitoring

  • End User Experience Monitoring

  • Synthetic Transactions

  • Real User Experience Analysis

1. Awareness and communication
Ensure your employees understand GDPR and communicate with service staff about why you are collected data

2. Analysis of Personal Data

Analyse a list of all sensitive data you store and process

3. Review Procedures

Have a suitable privacy policy in place and review it regularly.​

4. Access Rights

List what access rights should be granted and how changes should be handled​

​5. Customer Consent
Ensure you customer consent to you processing their data.

6. Data Breaches

Implement a procedure for handling data breaches.

7. Impact assessments

Carry out a data protection assessment

8. Data Protection Officers (DPO's)

Determine whether you need a Data Protection Officer

Avari Compliance Module enables customers to achieve compliance via the following methods:

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