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With an ever-increasing security risk forming across all networks security has never been so prominent in the industry. With organisations being forced into fast adoptions of mobile applications, passwords being reused and no real understanding of who has access to what and why the larger the organisation the more challenging the solution. At Avari we tackle this by individual challenge, if your organisation has suffered from any of the following then this is something we have experience of enabling our customers to overcome:


·         Deactivated users still have access

·         Compliance Exceptions

·         Active users with wrong permissions

·         Rogue IT

·         Lack of focused security resources

·         Increased audit fees

·         Malware Attacks focusing on employees

·         Negative brand perception

·         Ransomware attacks


These are generally the main areas in which Avari increase security within the business. For a more in-depth understanding of exactly how we achieve this please contact Avari today on 0845 036 0040 or by email at or for further detail simply follow this link: 

Security Camera
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