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As organisations grow, they often merge or acquire other smaller companies. The agility of the company going through this transition is directly applicable to the success of the growth. Often, the companies focus is on the P&L of the company being bought out, and the value of the new products or solutions it may bring with it. By losing focus on the end user adoption, access to business-critical applications and how this translates across new networks the growth of the company very quickly suffers. Most companies that come to Avari to help with this are suffering from one or more of the following issues:
·         New application deployment is time consuming
·         Multiple identity systems across the networks
·         Convoluted BYOD environment
·         No method of erasure for leaving employees
·         Struggling to secure access to digital assets
·         Poor User experience
·         Unsecured corporate data on personal devices
·         No single seamless experience for employees
·         Overwhelming maintenance tasks for managers
These are generally the main areas in which Avari reduce costs within the business. For a more in-depth understanding of exactly how we achieve this please contact Avari today on 0845 036 0040, by email at For further detail follow this link:
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