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Avari Identity - Big Data Services


In our digital world data is growing faster than ever before, doubling its amount every two years. According to Forbes, about 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second for every human by 2020.

Big Data aims at collecting and managing these tremendous amounts of data, whereas Data Science is the process of further analysing and preparing to extract the information, dependencies and other insights from this data.

Such an approach allows making the production processes more efficient and marketing strategies more targeted and cost-efficient.


Big Data

  • Financial, healthcare companies and establishments who need a reliable solution to predict and reduce potential risks, analyse customers’ behaviour, operational movements, fraud, compliance, etc.

  • Companies in social/gaming industries who need to expand their subscriber bases and generate more targeted products or content.

  • Individuals or companies with their own data-driven solutions who need to modify or improve them.

Data Science

  • Internet search companies that need to deliver better results for search queries.

  • Digital, marketing, advertising and SEO companies that want to get higher CTR and faster ROI.

  • Recommendation systems (engines) that need to increase the quality of their promotion and suggestion campaigns according to user experience.

  • All companies that need to bring more efficiency into their business processes.




Web crawlers (or spiders) are used to aggregate big volumes of web content for different needs.




Data Processors (or harvesters) help extract, process, collect and store data from the Internet to be used in further analysis and processing.




Classifiers are custom solutions to transform big volumes of data into consistent and categorized information.




Stop these endless nights of planning and implementing your Big Data Infrastructure. We possess required knowledge and resources to help you build a powerful and flexible infrastructure to process and analyse petabytes of data without turning you in.

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